Our search process may look like that of other retained firms. We distinguish our firm and enhance the process by adding the following value:

  • Using our extensive healthcare and search experiences to understand your business, company and culture
  • Delivering outstanding client service which begins with a dedicated Partner as primary contact backed up by other members of the firm
  • Only accepting those assignments that we are qualified to undertake on the basis of our knowledge of the client's needs and our ability to perform the specific assignment
  • Using customized targeting of candidates based upon our knowledge, experience, network and success

Needs Assessment

With client input, we analyze the company’s needs to understand the organizational strategies, goals, culture and people and determine measures of success for the position.

Position Specification/Profile

After carefully assessing your needs and business plan, we prepare a written Position Profile that outlines the general and specific responsibilities of the position, qualifications required of the ideal candidate, and criteria for a successful placement. Compensation strategy is typically something that clients ask for assistance with based upon the firm's hands on experience in this area. This Position Profile, once finalized with the client, guides our search efforts and ongoing success.


The Position Profile is promptly shared with other D’Antoni associates with relevant industry and functional expertise to pinpoint sources and prospects. We also access internal and external computer databases of individuals, corporations, and other industry sources, such as associations and consulting firms.

Candidate Identification

Utilizing our original research, our team makes selective calls to sources and prospects from our original research to identify and interest qualified individuals. In addition we tap our personal networks for additional target companies and prospects. We use the Position Profile to solicit prospects’ interest. During this period, your Partner reports progress to the client.

Candidate Interviews and Evaluation

Bona fide prospects are personally interviewed by the Partner who evaluates each on the basis of the Profile, other candidates and potential cultural fit with the client organization.

Presentation of Candidates

Confidential written Interview Reports are typically submitted on prospective candidates who most closely fit the Position Profile and are recommended for client interviews. These reports summarize relevant experience along with positive and negative attributes, family constraints and compensation. Many of our clients have thanked us for expressing our opinions and not leaving them to sort out qualifications and fit.

Candidate/Client Interviews

D’Antoni Partners schedules a mutually convenient meeting between the client and each candidate, makes travel arrangements, and handles reimbursement of travel expenses. After each interview, the Partner contacts both the client and the candidates to obtain feedback and identify issues and next steps.

Referencing of Successful Candidate

The Partner contacts individuals who are capable of providing insights about a candidate’s qualifications and past successes. This process usually takes place once the client selects the final candidates for final round interviews; but it may also be done prior to this upon client request. The collective comments made by these references are then provided to the client in a written Reference Report. D’Antoni Partners also performs education verification for finalist candidates.

Completion of the Search

As the search comes to a close, the Partner can assist in negotiating the offer and compensation package if the client wishes. We also contact all those who have been helpful in the search, thanking them on behalf of the client. Once the successful candidate is in place, the Partner who worked on the search is available to support the newcomer’s successful integration into the client team.

Post Search 360 Degree Follow Up

After the search is complete, we make sure to be in contact with both the client and placement during the first 6 months of the hiring. We want to ensure a smooth transition and assimilation (onboarding) for the executive and be sure our clients are 100% satisfied with the results of our work. We also request feedback from both parties to continually improve our process and service.

Health Care and Life Sciences Executive Search